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Supported self build group

If you wanted a membership of a group project, Please send the documents with details personal information (Mention Subject- About Membership for the Helpful Group Housing):

Place: Dhaka Uddan/ Aftab Nagar/ Group members prefer area
Owner: Flat with Land Share
Helpline: +88-01553638102, +88 01712 537207
Confirmation Email:
Process: Appoint us with details information, Viewing & Feedback, Save Time and Money

Why Desire Us

The GROUP PROJECT HOMES difference starts with your ability to shape the building journey to your individual wants.

Where We Construct

At GROUP PROJECT HOMES, we can match your perfect home design with the perfect block, positioned within group members prefer area. The search for your new home starts here:
  1. It is one of life’s biggest and most exciting savings.
  2. It is easy and reasonably risk free.
  3. It enables group on low incomes to build a home – either for rent, part ownership or full ownership. By working as part of a group costs are minimized
  4. You get to recognize your neighbours as you do it
  5. It is generally cheaper than buying a home or from a conventional house builder.
  6. This can outcome in savings of 20-25 per cent.