Best answer: What is PNR number in Mumbai University?

PRN (Permanent Registration Number) is a 16 digit unique number that is also referred to as the roll number of a student provided by this university. While applying for any course at Mumbai University, you are required to fill an online application form and after submitting this form the data is stored by the system.

How can I get my PRN number in Mumbai University?

Originally Answered: I have forgotten my Mumbai University PRN number. Where can I get it? Just login in University website you will get access to your profile. Then you will get your PRN number.

Where can I find my PRN number?

If all details and documents are in order, a “Permanent Registration Number” or “PRN”unique to the applicant agency will be issued. The PRN will be communicated to the email address provided during the registration process.

What is PRN number in degree certificate?

where can I get my university registration number? it is an identification number issued by university to students. It’s the prn number given on the marksheet.

What is PRN number in college?

PRN: (Permanent Registration Number) This number is allotted to a student when he/she first appears for university exam. This number is must for creating profile.

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What is enrollment number of Mumbai University?

75 (2021)
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