What are the names of the 2 largest islands in the Indian Ocean?

What are two islands in the Indian Ocean?

The 11 Most Stunning Indian Ocean Islands

  • Andaman Islands. An archipelago in the Bay of Bengal region of the Indian Ocean on the eastern waters of India, Andaman Islands form the northern counterpart of the Nicobar Islands. …
  • Lakshadweep Islands. …
  • Seychelles. …
  • Langkawi Islands. …
  • Christmas Island. …
  • Sri Lanka. …
  • Zanzibar. …
  • Maldives.

What is the largest island within the Indian Ocean?

The correct answer is Madagascar. It is the largest island in the Indian Ocean with an area of about 226,658 square miles.

What is the 2 largest island?

New Guinea is the 2nd largest Island in the world, with an area of 785,753 sq km.

What are 3 islands in the Indian Ocean?

Top 3 islands of the Indian Ocean: where to spend a dream…

  • The island of Mauritius, the Creole beauty. The island of Mauritius lies off the coast of Africa and offers visitors some of the most magical landscapes in the world. …
  • The Maldives, a string of heavenly islands. …
  • Bali, the Indonesian queen.
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How many Indian islands are there?

This is a partial list of islands of India. There are a total of 1,382 islands (including uninhabited ones) in India.

Which is the largest island in the Pacific Ocean?

List of the largest Pacific islands

Name Area (km2) Region
New Guinea 785,753 Oceania / Australia
Honshu 227,960 Asia
Sulawesi 174,600 Asia
South Island 150,437 Oceania / Zealandia

Which is the second largest island in Indian Ocean?

The Largest Islands in the Indian Ocean

Rank Island Area (sq km)
1 Madagascar 587,041
2 Sri Lanka 65,610
3 Grande Terre 6,675
4 Nias 5,121

Which is the largest island?

The Largest Islands in the World

  • Greenland (836,330 sq miles/2,166,086 sq km) …
  • New Guinea (317,150 sq miles/821,400 sq km) …
  • Borneo (288,869 sq miles/748,168 sq km) …
  • Madagascar (226,756 sq miles/587,295 sq km) …
  • Baffin (195,928 sq miles/507,451 sq km) …
  • Sumatra (171,069 sq miles/443,066 sq km)

Which is the largest ocean in the world?

The Pacific Ocean is the largest and deepest of the world ocean basins. Covering approximately 63 million square miles and containing more than half of the free water on Earth, the Pacific is by far the largest of the world’s ocean basins. All of the world’s continents could fit into the Pacific basin.

Is Madagascar the second largest island?

At 592,800 square kilometres (228,900 sq mi), Madagascar is the world’s 47th largest country, the 2nd largest island country and the fourth-largest island.

Which country has the 3 of the largest islands?


Rank State Total in km2 (mi2)
1 Greenland (Denmark) 2,130,800 (822,700)
2 Madagascar 587,713 (226,917)
3 Canada 507,451 (195,928)
4 Indonesia 443,066 (171,069)
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Which is the largest island in Asia?

Borneo (/ˈbɔːrnioʊ/; Indonesian: Kalimantan) is the third-largest island in the world and the largest in Asia. At the geographic centre of Maritime Southeast Asia, in relation to major Indonesian islands, it is located north of Java, west of Sulawesi, and east of Sumatra.

Is there any island in Indian Ocean?

Seychelles spans an archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands scattered in the warm, beautiful waters of the Indian Ocean. The main islands are Praslin, La Digue, and Mahe, all of them featuring stunning tropical beaches, superb coral reefs, beautiful weather, and exciting wildlife.

Which island is found in Indian Ocean?

What islands are found in the Indian Ocean? The Indian Ocean has relatively few islands compared with the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Socotra, and Sri Lanka are continental fragments.