What is the name of Eastern point of India?

Kibithu in Arunachal Pradesh is the Easternmost point of India.

What is the eastern most point?

Semisopochnoi Island, top right, is the easternmost point of the United States. In the contiguous United States, the farthest east anyone can travel without tripping into the ocean is the lighthouse at West Quoddy Head, Maine (coordinates: 44.815ºN 66.951ºW).

What is the name of North Point of India?

The northernmost point of India is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The point is known as Indira Col. The Indira Col has an altitude of 5,764 metres is a mountain pass located on the Indira Ridge in the Siachen Muztagh in the Karakoram Range.

What is the easternmost limit of India?

The easternmost longitude of India is 97° 25′ E. It’s based in the state of Arunachal Pradesh.

Which is the southernmost point in India?

Cape Comorin, rocky headland on the Indian Ocean in Tamil Nadu state, southeastern India, forming the southernmost point of the subcontinent. It is the southern tip of the Cardamom Hills, an extension of the Western Ghats range along the west coast of India.

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What is the name of Western point of India?

Ghuar Mota in the Kutch region of Gujarat is the Westernmost point of India. It is located near the disputed Sir Creek and the Koteshwar temple, at 23.713°N 68.032°E. The village comes under the administration of the Narayan Sarovar panchayat.

What is standard meridian of India?

Hence, time along the Standard Meridian of India (82°30’E) passing through Mirzapur (in Uttar Pradesh) is taken as the standard time for the whole country.

Which is the easternmost part of the peninsular India?

The Peninsular Plateau is almost triangular in shape. It begins from the Northern Plains and extends till Kanniyakumari, the southern tip of India. To the north-west of this plateau lie the Aravalli Hills. The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats lie to the west and east of the Peninsular Plateau, respectively.

What is east longitude?

1. ( Physical Geography) distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian at 0° measured by the angle between the plane of the prime meridian and that of the meridian through the point in question, or by the corresponding time difference. See latitude1. 2. ( Astronomy) astronomy short for celestial longitude.

Why Kanyakumari is called Cape?

“The Virgin Princess” (also known as Cape Comorin) is a town in Kanyakumari District in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is the southern tip of Indian subcontinent.

State Tamil Nadu
District Kanyakumari
Named for Devi Kanya Kumari

Which point of India is called Pygmalion point?

This village was named Indira Point after former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The point was formerly known as Pygmalion Point and Parsons Point. It was renamed in honour of Indira Gandhi during mid-1980s.

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What is the longitudinal difference between easternmost and westernmost part of India?

Answer: The easternmost longitude of India is 97° 25′ E. It is located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The westernmost longitude is 68o7’E.