Is there lead in Indian spices?

Spices and spice mixes commonly used in South Asian cuisine such as curry, masala, and turmeric were also found to contain elevated lead levels, with maximum concentrations ranging from 2700 ppm (turmeric and masala) to 21 000 ppm (curry).

Are spices from India safe?

US FDA finds Indian exported spices contaminated

American authorities also found nearly 7% spice imports to be contaminated with salmonella, a toxic bacteria that can cause severe illness. Spice imports from India and Mexico were found to have the highest rate of contamination.

Does turmeric from India contain lead?

Surveillance in India, Bangladesh, and the United States. A 2014 study published by researchers at Harvard University reported lead concentrations of up to 483 ppm in turmeric samples collected from 18 households in rural Bangladesh,23 where the allowable level of lead in turmeric is 2.5 ppm.

Does curry powder contain lead?

The other spices tested, including curry powders, garam and chat masalas, had small amounts of lead, but not at such high levels as the turmeric and chilli. “Keep in mind that the ill effects of lead exposure build up over time and that these spices are used in households every day and across India,” she says.

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Does cumin contain lead?

Two recent public health studies have evaluated lead poisoning cases and have linked some of those cases to consumption of contaminated spices. … This study found maximum lead levels in curry of 21,000 ppm, in turmeric of 2,700 ppm, and in cumin of 1,200 ppm.

Does all turmeric contain lead?

Stanford researchers find lead in turmeric. … A new Stanford-led study reveals that turmeric – a commonly used spice throughout South Asia – is sometimes adulterated with a lead-laced chemical compound in Bangladesh, one of the world’s predominant turmeric-growing regions.

Is Indian turmeric safe?

This practice is extremely harmful to health. There was no direct evidence of contaminated turmeric beyond Bangladesh, and the researchers believe that food safety checks by importing countries encourage large scale spice processors in Bangladesh to limit the amount of lead that they add to turmeric for export.

What spices are high in lead?

Spices and spice mixes commonly used in South Asian cuisine such as curry, masala, and turmeric were also found to contain elevated lead levels, with maximum concentrations ranging from 2700 ppm (turmeric and masala) to 21 000 ppm (curry).

Does cinnamon contain lead?

Caution With Cinnamon: ConsumerLab Tests Reveal High Amounts of Toxin in Some Supplements and Spices. … However, the most common type of cinnamon, cassia cinnamon, can contain significant amounts of coumarin, a liver toxin and potential carcinogen, and heavy metals — particularly, lead.

How do I know if my turmeric has lead?

Lead Chromate Test: To test the presence of lead chromate in turmeric powder, mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with water. It will instantly leach streaks of water-soluble colour into the solution, indicating the presence of lead chromate.

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Does fresh turmeric contain lead?

Spices were most recently tested, with about 1,500 samples from 41 countries examined. Lead was detected in more than half of the spice samples. … When purchased domestically, turmeric and Georgian kharcho suneli bought in New York City had average lead concentrations below 2 ppm.

What herbs contain lead?

Some very common herbs and spices contain lead and other heavy metals.

These include:

  • Black pepper.
  • Chili pepper (except Great Value)
  • Coriander.
  • Curry powder.
  • Garlic powder.
  • Saffron.
  • Sesame seed.
  • White pepper.

Why do spices have lead?

“Sometimes the machinery that is used to grind the spices can have lead in the metal. That can break down during that process and contaminate spices.” She also pointed out that lead can be used to add weight or color to certain spices.

What brands of spices are safe?

Mamavation’s Investigation on Spices Free From Concerning Heavy Metals Lead, Arsenic, & Cadmium & Recommended Brands

  • Simply Organic Basil.
  • Simply Organic Black Pepper.
  • Simply Organic Chili Powder.
  • Simply Organic Coriander.
  • Simply Organic Ground Cumin.
  • Simply Organic Curry Powder.
  • Simply Organic Garlic Powder.

What spices are safe?

The spices that had “no concern” scores across the board from any brands tested included black pepper, coriander, curry powder, garlic powder, saffron, sesame seed and white pepper. Consumer Reports did not test baking spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

Does oregano have lead in it?

3.2. Lead. The content of lead (Pb) in the analyzed samples ranged from less than 1.0 to 23.52 mg·kg1. The maximum concentrations of lead in mint, parsley, chamomile, basil, sage, oregano, and thyme were found to be 9.24, 12.83, 11.40, 16.15, 21.76, 18.06, and 23.52 mg·kg1, respectively.

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