Question: Can an Indian live in Nepal?

Citizens of India do not need a visa to enter Nepal, and can reside permanently as Nepali citizens with no restrictions, because Article 7 the 1950 Indo-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship allows free movement of people between the two nations on a reciprocal basis.

Can an Indian get Nepali citizenship?

Any foreign national of full age and capacity may submit an application to obtain Nepali citizenship if: He/she can speak and write in the national language of Nepal. … He/she has relinquished his/her citizenship of another state. He/she has resided in Nepal for at least 15 years.

How much Indian live in Nepal?

Around 6,00,000 Indians are living/domiciled in Nepal.

Can an Indian buy a house in Nepal?

If you are asking if a foreigner can buy a property in Nepal to come and live in the country, the answer is no. … Thus, foreigners can buy property in Nepal if they are registered businesspeople or entrepreneurs with a business venture in Nepal.

Can an Indian work in Nepal?

Nepal government has made it mandatory for Indian citizens who come to work in Nepal’s industries and other institutions to possess necessary work permits. … Untill now, as part of special ties between India and Nepal, no permit is required for Indian nationals working in Nepal and vice versa.

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Will Indian SIM work in Nepal?

Does an Indian sim work in Nepal? Something frequently asked is if Indian sim cards work in Nepal. Yes, they work, but only if you activate data roaming! You can’t use your Indian data bundles and calling minutes in Nepal, you will have to pay extra charges.

Can an Indian marry a Nepali girl?

In case a marriage between an Indian and a foreign national is to take place in India, the marriage has to solemnize under the Special Marriage Act of 1954. … At the end of the 30 days the Marriage Registrar is free to perform the marriage.

How long can an Indian stay in Nepal?

As an Indian visiting the country, you can stay in Nepal indefinitely for any length of time. Even though you do not require Nepal visa for Indians, you should keep it in mind to register yourself with the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu after 6 months of stay.

Does India protect Nepal?

The Indo-Nepal border is open; Nepalese and Indian nationals may move freely across the border without passports or visas and may live and work in either country.

India–Nepal relations.

India Nepal
Diplomatic mission
Embassy of India, Kathmandu Embassy of Nepal, New Delhi

Is Indian driving Licence valid in Nepal?

The answer is Yes – if it has not expired. Go to the land transport office. Submit your Indian driving license along with other required documents (your citizenship, application form, blood report, etc.), and they will give you a Nepali driving license.

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Can an Indian buy agricultural land in Nepal?

No. Foreigners – Indians or others – are not allowed to buy property in Nepal.

Is it easy to get job in Nepal?

It requires a lot of hard work, persistence and absolute dedication to be able to have such professions. Many individuals struggle with dilemmas when it comes to what job they should go for.

Do Nepal need visa for India?

(C) A citizen of Nepal or Bhutan must have a visa for India if he/she is entering India from China, Macau, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Maldives.

Is there a train from India to Nepal?

NEW DELHI: The first passenger train to run on broad gauge between India and Nepal is likely to run from December this year, sources in the railways have told PTI. The train will run from Jayanagar in Bihar to Kurtha in Dhanusa district in Janakpur Zone of south-eastern Nepal, which is a 34 km stretch.