Which is the highest post in Indian Air Force?

Marshal of the Air Force is a five star Air Officer rank and the highest attainable rank in the Indian Air Force.

What is the highest position in the Air Force?

The highest rank attainable in the Air Force is the five-star General of the Air Force. In 1944, Congress created the rank General of the Air Force. The only person to hold this rank was Henry H.

What is the highest salary of airmen in Indian Air Force?

After the training is completed, the Airmen receives the basic salary of Rs. 26,900 per month. Along with this salary, Airmen also receive Dearness Allowance which totals the monthly salary up to Rs. 40,000 – Rs.

What is the best job in IAF?


Institution Tentative Date Website
University Entry Scheme (UES) (Pre- final year engg) December www.careerairforce.nic.in Copy
Administration Branch Logistics Branch Accounts Branch Education Branch (PG student) Meteorology Branch (PG student) June & Dec www.careerairforce.nic.in Copy
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What are the ranks in Air Force in India?


  • Master Warrant Officer. (MWO)
  • Warrant Officer. (WO)
  • Junior Warrant Officer. (JWO)
  • Sergeant. (SGT)
  • Corporal. (CPL)
  • Leading Air Craftsman. (LAC)
  • Air Craftsman. (AC)

Who is the lowest rank in Air Force?

Army, Navy, and Air Force are the three major defense services in India. The commissioned officers and personnel below officers working in these armed forces enjoy ranks that are equal to one another.

Equivalent Ranks of Commissioned Officers in Army, Navy and Air Force.

Air Force Army Navy
Flight Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant
Flying Officer Lieutenant Sub Lieutenant

What rank is an Air Force pilot?

All pilots in the Air Force are officers. There are 10 officer grades (O-1 to O-10). The lowest officer grade outranks the highest enlisted grade (E-1 to E-9). Officer’s typically wear their rank on the shoulders of their uniforms.

What is the salary of NDA?

Rank-Wise NDA Salary

NDA Salary – Army, Navy, Air Force
NDA Posts or Ranks Salary of NDA Officer (Per Month)
Lieutenant Colonel INR 01,21,200/- to 02,12,400/-
Colonel INR 01,30,600/- to 02,15,900/-
Brigadier INR 01,39,600/- to 02,17,600/-

What is IPS salary?

The basic salary of an IPS officer starts at Rs. 56,100(TA, DA and HRA are extra) per month and can go on to reach Rs. 2,25,000 for a DGP.

What is the age limit for Air Force?

Eligibility criteria: Age – 20 to 24 years (at the time of commencement of course). Upper age limit for Candidates holding valid and current Commercial Pilot Licence issued by DGCA (India) is relaxed up to 26 years(at the time of commencement of course). Gender – Men and Women.

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Can I join airforce after 12th?

Join Indian Air Force (IAF) through AFCAT/NCC/UPSC NDA/CDS 2022 Recruitment Exams: Check How to make a career in the Indian Air force after 12th, Graduation & Post Graduation through AFCAT, NDA, NCC & CDS 2022 in different categories like Flying Branch and Ground Duty (Technical & Non-Technical) Branch.

Is Air Force good career?

Conclusion. The U.S. Air Force is one of the most prestigious places of work. Other than handling matters of national security, the Armed Forces provide many other job opportunities for US Citizens.

Which is best army or Air Force?

Indian Air Force is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and Indian Army is most highly rated for Management.

Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 4.6 4.7
Management 4.1 4.6
Culture 4.3 4.5

Which is best navy or Air Force?

Indian Air Force is most highly rated for Job security and advancement and Indian Navy is most highly rated for Job security and advancement.

Which is best Army or Navy?

Indian Army scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Work-life balance, Senior Management, Culture & Values and Positive Business Outlook. Indian Navy scored higher in 2 areas: CEO Approval and % Recommend to a friend.