Why do Indians groom horses?

Horses are a big part of any baraat, whether in the USA or in India. Tradition has it that centuries ago, the groom had to ride a horse for many days and nights in order to reach his bride. It was supposed to be an arduous journey, and a humbling one. This proved he was indeed ready for marriage.

What is a horse groom called in India?

Traditionally, baraatis are attended to as guests of the bride’s family. The baraat, headed by a display of fireworks and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol, reaches the meeting point, where the elders of both the families meet. In Indian Hindu weddings, the groom is greeted with garlands and aarti.

How are horses important in Indian wedding?

For centuries, traditional Hindu-Indian weddings have employed female horses to transport the bridegroom from his house to the bride’s house, accompanied by relatives and friends in a traditional wedding procession called the “baarat”. … Many horses were kept at the marriage venues to chase the kidnappers.

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Why do Indian groom carry a sword?

For traditional Sikhs, the wearing of a ‘kirpan’ or ceremonial sword is mandatory as the groom takes on the role of protector of his wife and family. … Sometimes they would try to attack the whole family to steal the gold and jewellery. For the groom to protect himself and his wife, he would, therefore, carry a sword.

Why does groom carry a sword?

Even the groom carries a sword on the day of the wedding. … They usually attacked the wedding processions in order to loot them for their money. Hence both the bride and groom carried these weapons for self-defense and protecting each other. These days, however, it is practices to ward off “evil spirits.”

What does a white woman wear to an Indian wedding?

Much like Americans tend to avoid wearing white to a wedding, Indians avoid wearing red. That’s the bride’s color. Also stay away from white and black, as those are colors associated with mourning. I was told that the closer you are to the bride, the bigger a deal it is to wear black.

What is Sikh marriage?

A Sikh marriage is known as Anand Karaj which means a ‘Ceremony of Bliss’. Features of the wedding ceremony include: The couple and their guests then enter the prayer room of the gurdwara and the marital ceremony is performed by the granthi . This takes place in front of a copy of the Guru Granth Sahib.

What happens at a Hindu wedding?

Every wedding guest is usually invited and it can involve the introduction of the couple’s families, mingling, a meal and dances or other performances. On the third day, the main wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception take place.

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Do Indian weddings have elephants?

In Hindu culture, elephants are a symbol of good luck, which is why grooms traditionally ride on them in Indian wedding processions. … Many couples book the elephant first, then pick a venue. Winter weddings are tricky, as elephants can’t be outside long in cold weather.

What is an Indian baraat?

What Is a Baraat? A baraat is a celebratory wedding procession for the groom involving live music and dancing. While it does not hold religious significance, it is an important custom nonetheless. Learn all about the tradition and its meaning straight from expert Devika Narain.

What do the 7 steps in a Hindu wedding mean?

Saptapadi (English: seven steps, saptapadī) is the most important rite (Sanskrit: rītī) of a Hindu marriage ceremony. The word, Saptapadi means “Seven steps”. After tying the Mangalsutra, the newlywed couple take seven steps, that is called Saptapadi. After the seventh step, the couple legally become husband and wife.

What are Indian swords called?

The talwar (pronounced [t̪əlʋaːr]), also spelled talwaar and tulwar, is a type of curved sword or sabre from the Indian subcontinent.

What happens at a Sikh wedding ceremony?

The marriage ceremony takes place at a congregational gathering in the holy presence of Guru Granth Sahib. Shabads (Sikh hymns) are sung and the boy and the girl sit side by side facing Guru Granth Sahib. The girl sits on the left side of the boy. … They accept their obligations by bowing before Guru Granth Sahib.

Why are female horses used in marriage?

While the actual reason a mare is chosen is because she is easier to handle round the year than a male, who might get temperamental during the summer season, the use of a mare and not a horse suggests the groom’s intention to domesticate the wife and to ride her for the rest of their married life.

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Why do Punjabi brides wear Chura?

Significance of Wearing Bridal Chura

It is a symbol of fertility, fortune and prosperity. It is believed that it strengthens the bond between the newly-wed couple. The bridal bangles are worn for at least 40 to 45 days, minimum, and maximum of one and a half years after the wedding as it is a sign of a married woman.

Why do brides wear Kalire?

The Promising Kalire

The bride’s sisters and friends tie the kalire to her chooda. They are golden or silver in colour. The significance is to provide good wishes to the bride and to remind her of her cousins and friends whom she is going to leave behind when she gets married.