You asked: Can I get learning license at 17 in India?

You can apply for this type of licence only by the age of 16. Before you get a driving licence, obtaining a learner’s licence for the specific class of vehicle is a must. And for this, knowing about various types of learner’s licence is important.

Can a 17 year old get learning license in India?

Right now, there is no age limit to getting a 4-wheeler learner’s license in India.

Can I learn driving at 17?

To obtain a learner’s license for gearless two-wheelers, the applicant must be of at least age 16 and above. To obtain a learner’s license for transport vehicles, the applicant must be of age 20 and above and should already have a license light motor vehicles.

Can a 17 year old drive a Scooty in India?

Teenagers between 16-18 to get valid driving license to drive e-scooters in India. The Road and Transport Ministry of India decided to amend the motor vehicle rules in order to provide a valid driving license to youths between 16 to 18 years of age to drive e-scooters in India at a maximum speed of 70 km per hour.

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Can I get learning license at 18 in India?

The eligibility conditions for various types of Learner’s Licence offered in India is given below. The candidate must be aged at least 18 years. The candidate must be aged at least 16 years. For candidates less than 18 years of age, the consent from guardian or parent must be obtained.

Can a 16 year old learn to drive a car?

If 16 year olds could learn to drive with qualified driving instructors only, but not be permitted to take the practical driving test until the age of 17, it would provide many learner driver with more time for learning to drive. … There are however some cars that 16 year olds can drive legally on public roads.

Can we learn driving before 18?

The minimum age to apply for a learning license is 18 years for two-wheelers without gear, motorcar, tractor, and other non-transport vehicles. For transport vehicles, a person should have completed 20 years of age.

What is ll test in RTO?

Team AckodriveJul 28, 2021. Acquiring a learning license (LL) is the very first step towards becoming an authorized driver in India. However, the applicant is required to pass a test before the LL is issued. You can book a test slot through your state’s Regional Transport Office’s (RTO) website.

What is the minimum age for driving Licence in India?

Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence in India

18 years of age. Must be aware of the traffic rules and regulations.

How many cc is Activa?

Honda Activa

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Manufacturer Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Honda de México
Production 2001–present;
Predecessor Kinetic Honda
Successor Activa 125
Engine 125 cc (7.6 cu in) or 109 cc (6.7 cu in), air-cooled, OHC, four stroke, single

Can a 16 year old ride a 125cc?

The minimum age requirement for this type of license is 16 years old. First, you have to complete your CBT. … Once you have passed your Practical Test, you will have a licence to ride any machine of up to 125cc, so long as it’s power is restricted to 11kW, without L-plates and you may carry a pillion passenger.

How much CC is Activa 6G?

The new Activa 6G is now powered by a BS6-compliant, 109.51 cc, fan-cooled, 4-stroke, PGM-Fi, SI engine that delivers 7.79 hp and 8.79 Nm of peak torque.

At what age can I get my learner’s licence?

You can get a code 1 learner’s licence and drive a motorcycle up to 125cc at 16 years old. You’re allowed to drive a motorcycle over 125cc at the age of 18 with a code 1 learner’s licence. For a car, minibus, small goods vehicle or bus (weighing less than 3 500 kg) you must be 17 years or older.

What is the maximum age limit for driving license in India?

The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, only imposes a condition that licence issued to a person above 50 years of age has to be renewed every five years. “After a certain age various health issues occur, which include weak eyesight.