You asked: Why are rivers and lakes are important for economy of India?

Rivers are important for the country’s economy because the water from the rivers is a basic resource esential for the survival of human existence and for important human, agricultural and industrial activities.

What are the importance of rivers and lakes in Indian economy?

Answer: Rivers are important for the country’s economy because water from the rivers is a basic natural resource essential for various human activities. These are — 1. The rivers provide water for irrigation.

What is the economic benefits of rivers and lakes?

Economic benefits of rivers and lakes are:

Provide water for irrigation. Provide water for drinking. Help to develop hydel power. Assists in fishing.

What is the importance of rivers and lakes?

They provide water supply for the purpose of irrigation. Provide fresh water for drinking. Industries and factories use river and lake water for their functioning. Supply water for irrigation in agricultural fields.

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Why are rivers important for the country’s economy?

Rivers are important for a country’s economy because they are a valuable natural resource. Apart from providing water for irrigation activities, they also provide fertility to the soil by carrying down mineral-rich silt. They are also used to generate hydro-electricity and are useful for navigation and transportation.

What is the importance of river in the economy?

Answer: Rivers are an important economic resource for any country. They provide water for agricultural,industrial and human activities. They help in generation of electricity.

What are the three main economic uses of river?


  • They provide water for irrigation of agricultural fields.
  • They provide water for pisciculture, which sustain many livelihoods.
  • They provide Real estate (shore front property) which are comparitively more expensive than off-shore property. …
  • They provide places of tourism. …
  • Rivers provide routes for transportation.

Why are rivers important for the country’s economy class 9?

The rivers are important in country’s economy because human civilizations, were born in the river valleys, flourished and developed. … Rivers provide cheap and efficient inland transport for trade and commerce. They help cities and towns to carry their wastes.

What are the benefits of rivers in India?

Irrigation : India with a huge population needs water resources to help in sustaining the agricultural output necessary to support such a huge population. 3. Dams : Many hydro power projects are made on the rivers. This increases the energy production, besides flood control and canalization of rivers.

What is the importance of lakes in India?

Lakes are important for various reasons, like regulating the flow of river water, storage of water during the dry seasons, to maintaining the eco-system, and also the generation of hydroelectric power. The different types of lakes in India are freshwater lakes and salt water lakes.

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What are the important characteristics of lakes in India?

Expert Answer:

  • Lakes help in regulating the flow of a river.
  • Lakes store rain water during heavy rainfall and therefore help in preventing floods. …
  • Lakes help in recharging the ground water level.
  • They are also used for developing hydel power.
  • They have a moderate effect on the climate of the surrounding place.

How rivers help in an agricultural country like India?

River valleys and plains provide fertile soils. Farmers in dry regions irrigate their cropland using water carried by irrigation ditches from nearby rivers. … Today steep rivers are still used to power hydroelectric plants and their water turbines.

Why were rivers and canals important for economic development in the past?

Canals allowed a greater volume of goods to be moved more precisely, and for much less, opening up new markets in terms of location and affordability. Seaports could now be connected to inland trade. … Of over 150 canal acts from 1760 to 1800, 90 were for coal purposes.

Why are the rivers important?

Importance of Rivers

They carry water, organisms and important gases and nutrients to many areas. They also help drain rainwater and provide habitats for many species of plants and animals. As they make their way to the sea, rivers help shape the features of the Earth.