Your question: How many aircraft does Air India Express have?

How many aircraft do Air India have?

In fiscal year 2021, Air India Ltd. had 168 airplanes in its fleet. Its fleet comprised mostly of Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

Aircraft fleet of Air India Ltd. from financial year 2015 to 2021.

Characteristic Number of aircrafts

How many aircraft does IndiGo have?

As of 30th June 2020, IndiGo operated a fleet of 274 aircraft, the largest in India by a wide margin.

Is Air India Express Safe?

Air India Express is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage / seat charges, buy onboard food & beverages, cabin cleanliness, and service rating is for cabin and ground staff.

Which airline has the most planes in India?

IndiGo, the scheduled airline operator, had the highest number of aircraft in India with about 261 aircraft as of March 2020. Following IndiGo, Air India had 127 aircraft in the same period.

Who is CEO of Air India?

Ashwani Lohani (Aug 31, 2015–)
Air India/Генеральный директор
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