How can I correct my birth certificate online in Delhi?

How can I make correction in birth certificate in Delhi?


  1. Hospital Provide registration slip.
  2. Hospital Discharge paper.
  3. Father any Gov Id like Addhar, Voter etc.
  4. Mother any Gov Id like Addhar, Voter etc.
  5. Need affidavit for the child’s name incorporation.

How can I correct my birth certificate online in India?

STEP 1: To change the name on your birth certificate online, download the online form here. STEP 2: Get the ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ from the Municipal Corporation Office or the Gram Panchayat in the vicinity of where the birth took place.

How can I change my father’s name in birth certificate online in Delhi?

Father Name Change Process

  1. Step 1- Affidavit for Father’s Name Change. If you want to change your Father’s name, firstly you need to make an affidavit for Name Change in local Notary.
  2. Step 2- Publication in Newspaper. …
  3. Step 3- Publishing of Father’s Name Change in Official Gazette of India.
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How can I correct the wrong spelling on my birth certificate?

To make a correction to your U.S. birth certificate it is necessary that you contact or go to the correction/amendments department at the vital records office that issued the original birth certificate. This department will be able to help you make a change to your birth certificate.

How can I change my name in birth certificate online?


link1 AND online AND link3. Obtain ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ from the respective counter or write in a paper to apply. Please complete the application form and attach the required documents and submit it to the receiving authority.

How do I correct my name on my birth certificate?

Hence, the usual process for correcting errors in the birth certificate is to file a petition in court. Fortunately, Republic Act No. 9048, as recently amended by Republic Act No. 10172, allowed the administrative correction of certain entries with the Civil Register, including entries in the birth certificate.

Can you change name on birth certificate in India?

As per the prevailing Act, a person’s name cannot be changed in the birth certificate once it is issued by the directorate. People can change their names through courts but in birth certificates, the old name cannot be struck off. “There was no provision for a change of name in the Act earlier.

How can I check my birth certificate online in up?

UP Birth Certificate Check online

  1. First, visit the website named or …
  2. You need to click on the birth certificate. …
  3. Then click on download or search birth certificate. …
  4. You need to enter the registration number and then enter the security code that is given on the screen.
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How can I change my date of birth in birth certificate in India?

You can’t change the date on birth certificate but you need to execute an affidavit and newspaper publication stating your correct date. Dear Sir, To legally change your birth date, you must petition the court and provide compelling evidence that the data listed on the current birth certificate is incorrect.

How do you change the father’s name on a birth certificate?

What to do:

  1. Bring a PSA copy of the birth certificate to the Civil Registry office.
  2. Bring notarized supporting documents: Affidavit of Admission of Paternity,, Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father, among others.
  3. The local civil registry office will then submit a petition to the PSA for approval.

How do you correct the spelling of parents on a birth certificate?

You can write a letter to the Registrar of Births and Deaths under your Municipal Corporation requesting change/correction of spelling of name of your mother or father.

Can you change spelling on birth certificate?

You can have a spelling or typing error on a birth certificate corrected by the Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Registered Partnerships.

How do I fix the spelling of my name?

How to Legally Change the Spelling of Your Name

  1. Complete the application or petition. Visit your local county clerk’s office or court and obtain an application form to petition for a name change. …
  2. File the court order. …
  3. Obtain a signed court order. …
  4. Notify people of your new name.