Is Chennai cheaper than Pune?

You would need around 106,161.83₹ in Pune to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 100,000.00₹ in Chennai (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Pune costlier than Chennai?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Pune and Chennai

You would need around 104,582.11₹ in Chennai to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 110,000.00₹ in Pune (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Chennai very expensive?

Chennai has been ranked India’s third most expensive city to live in for the expatriate community after Mumbai and Delhi, according to Mercer’s 2016 Cost of Living Survey. Overall, from the cost of living index perspective, Chennai is only 5 per cent less costly than Delhi.

Is Chennai a cheap city?

Chennai is one of the most affordable big cities in India.

Is Pune a costly city?

The average cost of living in Pune is slightly lower than in Delhi and higher than in many cities in southern India. … Depending on the cost of buying or restaurants, the cost of moving to and from the office, household service costs, groceries, clothing, and more, living costs in Pune range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1.2 lakh.

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Why is Chennai better than Mumbai?

While Mumbai has an edge to it, Chennai has an all-round appeal. One is home to Bollywood, while the other hosts Kollywood. Mumbai is always buzzing and its local train network is one of the most complex in India. Chennai has a charming appeal to it, with its quiet beaches and numerous temples.

What is the living cost in Chennai?

Cost of living in Chennai

Type of expense Average cost
Monthly gym membership Rs 1,300
Monthly school fee (primary) Rs 2,500 – Rs 8,000
Rent for 1BHK Rs 8,000 – Rs 12,000 per month
Cost of 1BHK Rs 40 lakhs – Rs 50 lakhs

Is Chennai cheaper than Mumbai?

Cost of Living Comparison Between Mumbai and Chennai

You would need around 101,498.60₹ in Chennai to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 150,000.00₹ in Mumbai (assuming you rent in both cities).

Is Chennai cheaper than Bangalore?

As per the 24th annual Mercer’s cost of living survey, Chennai is the 144th expensive city for expats to live in (out of 209 surveyed worldwide) – 26 spots higher than Bengaluru in 170 – and the third most expensive Indian city behind Mumbai (55) and New Delhi (103).

Is Chennai safe for female?

Yes, Chennai is safe to visit for everyone, irrespective of whether you are a backpacker or a solo female traveler. If you’re a woman, make sure you take necessary precautions like you would in any other city you’re traveling to. Carry a pepper spray or a swiss knife with you at all times.

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Where do celebrities live in Chennai?

5 of the poshest localities in Chennai where celebs and billionaires own homes

  • Boat Club. Lambos, RRs, Jaguars and the likes are a common sight in the parkings lot of the Boat Club. …
  • Poes Garden. …
  • Nungambakkam. …
  • Besant Nagar. …
  • Adyar.

Can we live in Chennai without AC?

Yes, it is must to have an AC during summer season. Without A.C. it is very difficult to survive here. In Chennai cost of living and transport is bit cheaper than others metro cities. Buy an Air cooler and you should be fine.

Is Chennai expensive than Hyderabad?

Chennai is 1.4% more expensive than Hyderabad.

Is 40k a good salary in Pune?

What is a good salary in Pune? According to, the average salary in Pune is Rs 40,000 per month. Anything above this can be classified as a good salary.

Why Pune is so expensive?

Higher transportation and rental costs have meant that even though Pune is only India’s seventh-largest city, it ranks higher in terms of cost of living. According to cost of living estimates by Expatistan, housing in Pune ranges between Rs 10,000 and Rs 21,000.

Is Pune cheaper than Bangalore?

Bengaluru is a bit of expensive to live in when compared with Pune. Cost of living in Pune, ranging from accommodation, food, transport and even recreational activities, is much more affordable. Both Pune and Bengaluru are on par with each other when it comes to weather conditions.