What is the main cause of rapid population growth in India Class 9?

The main cause of the rate of growth of the Indian population has been the rapid decline in death rates. Till 1980, high birth rates and declining death rates led to a large difference between birth rates and death rates resulting in higher rates of population growth.

What is the main cause of rapid population growth in India?

Some of the most important causes of population growth in India are as follows: 1. Widening Gap between Birth and Death Rates 2. Low Age at Marriage 3. High Illiteracy 4.

What is the main cause of the rapid growth of population?

Several factors are responsible for the rapid growth: a drop in mortality rates, a young population, improved standards of living, and attitudes and practices which favor high fertility. … In addition to strategic difficulties, population policies usually meet opposition, often from religious groups.

What are the causes of overpopulation Class 9?

Rise in birth rate: There has been an increase in the birth rate because of many reasons such as poverty, illiteracy, improved medical facilities, religious and social beliefs and early marriage. Decline in death rate: This has been one of the fundamental causes of overpopulation.

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What is the growth of population Class 9?

Growth of population refers to the change in the number of inhabitants of a country/territory during a specific period of time, say during the last ten years. Such a change can be expressed in two ways: in terms of absolute numbers and in terms of percentage change per year.

What are the causes of overpopulation essay?

Answer 1: It is believed that the main cause of overpopulation is poverty. When there is a lack of education resource which coupled with high death rates, it results in impoverished areas witnessing large booms in population.

What are the major component of population growth?

Answer: There are three main components of population growth are birth rates, death rates, and migration.

What is population growth Ncert?

Growth of population is the change in the number of people living in a particular area between two points of time. Its rate is expressed in percentage. Population growth has two components namely; natural and induced.

What is working population Class 9?

(i) Persons engaged in any useful productive occupations constitute productive population. (ii)These persons are also called working population. (iii)Generally the persons between 15 to 60 years age group belong to it. … (v)About 54% of total population of India is productive population.