What is the weight of one crore Indian rupees for a ₹ 2000 note?

The number of ₹2000 notes required to make ₹1 crore, is 5000. Total weight of 5000 notes of ₹2000, assuming the weight of the ₹2000 note is 1 gram = 5000 grams = 5 kilograms. The weight of ₹1 crore in ₹2000 denominations is 5 kg.

What is the weight of 1 crore rupees in 500 notes?

Rs 1 Crore weights 23 Kilograms in Rs 500 Notes.

What is the weight of a 500 rupee note?

500 Silver Currency Note 999 Purity (18×7 Cm, 11.5gm), Weight: 11.4gm.

How much is 1 crore is equal to?

A crore (/krɔːr/; abbreviated cr), kodi, karod, karor, or koti denotes ten million (10,000,000 or 107 in scientific notation) and is equal to 100 lakh in the Indian numbering system.

What is the weight of 100 notes?

With small size, the weight of the currency has also come down from 108 grams to 80 grams for one bundle of notes. The new Rs 100 currency note has been printed and published completely by Indian ink and paper.

What is the weight of 1 crore rupees?

Rs 1 Crore weights 23 Kilograms in Rs 500 Notes.

What is the weight of 10 rupees note?

Indian 10-rupee coin

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Value ₹10
Mass 7.74 g
Diameter 27 mm

Who made 1 rupee coin?

Indian 1-rupee coin

Years of minting 1950–present
Mint marks ⧫ = Mumbai B = Mumbai Proof issue * = Hyderabad ° = Noida No mint-mark = Kolkata
Designer RBI
Design date 2011

What is the cost of 1 rupee coin?

The average cost of manufacturing a single one rupee coin is ₹1.11, which is more than its own value, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) revealed in response to an RTI query. To mint a ₹2 coin, the government spends ₹1.28, it added.

How many languages are there in 2000 rupees note?

Like other Indian rupee banknotes, the ₹2000 banknote has its amount written in 17+1 languages (Braille language added on new currency notes for visually impaired).