Which address is printed on Indian passport?

What address is printed on Indian passport?

INDIAN ADDRESS (Self-Attested Copy)

Applicants must write their Indian address / last known Indian address in the Passport Application Form. This could be in either the ‘To be printed on Passport’ or ‘Other Address Details’ columns or the same Indian address can be mentioned in both the columns.

Which address is printed in passport present or permanent?

A: Only the present address will be endorsed on the passport and not the permanent address.

Does Indian passport have address?

Change in address cannot be made in existing passports, the official clarified. Indian passport holders have to apply for a new passport in which the change in address can be made. … However, the diplomat clarified that police verification of Indians abroad does not require verification of the address of the applicant.

Is there an address on my passport?

Take a look inside the passport. It doesn’t actually have your address printed in it; there’s just a place to pencil it in. … If you happen to move while having a passport application processing, call 1-877-487-2778 to let the State Department know, so they’ll have the correct address on file.

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Is Indian address proof required for passport renewal?

Indian address proof for passport renewal is only required if you want the Indian address to be printed on your new passport. If you are okay with a US address printed on a renewed passport, you do not need to provide any Indian address proof. Recent Bank Statement from Indian Government bank.

Should I print foreign address on Indian passport?

Indian address proof is NOT required with US address printing. You do not need to provide any Indian address proof if you opt for printing US address on new passport.

How many address proofs are required for passport?


You would need to provide one address proof and one date of birth proof. Do note that the original documents need to be taken to the Kendra, along with a self-attested copy.

Is permanent address proof required for passport?

Applicant will only have to endorse his/her present address on the passport and not the permanent address. If an applicant has resided in more than one address in the previous year, will the police verification have to be done for all of the places?