Who is powerful Delhi or Mumbai?

Is Mumbai more powerful than Delhi?

Mumbai leads the GDP ranking in India with an estimated $310 billion. Delhi occupies the 2nd spot with $293.6 billion. However, Delhi is growing as one of the fastest cities in Asia.

Is Delhi better than Mumbai?

Delhi is far better than Mumbai where the standard of living is concerned. Though it has been in the news recently for high levels of pollution and the problem of smog, the infrastructure in Delhi is better, the roads are wider and cleaner, there is more breathing space with a lesser crowd as in comparison to Mumbai.

Is Delhi or Mumbai famous?

Delhi is well known for its historical tourist sites and marketplaces. However, it is also notorious for its pollution and consistently ranks as one of the world’s most polluted cities. Mumbai is India’s fast-paced commercial capital, like New York in the USA, located on the west coast of India.

Is Mumbai more developed or Delhi?

A city’s liveability is rightly measured by the infrastructure it provides to its citizens, and real estate growth is also driven largely by the development of proper roads and transport systems. In this regard, Delhi clearly trumps over Mumbai and has steadily evolved its infrastructure over the last few years.

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Is Mumbai safer than Delhi?

New Delhi ranked 41 (Score 52.8) and Mumbai ranked 50 (Score 48.2). Compare it with the highest score of 86.4 for Copenhagen. Given the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of health security cannot be overstated.

Is Delhi a clean city?

New Delhi: The Swachh Survekshan awards for 2021 were declared in Delhi on Saturday. … The second and third positions in the ‘cleanest city’ category of the ‘Swachh Survekshan Awards, 2021’ were secured by Surat and Vijayawada, respectively.

Which is richest city in India?

Mumbai, the Financial Capital of India, is the richest city in the country with a GDP of $310 billion.

Is Delhi cheaper than Mumbai?

You would need around 113,221.21₹ in Delhi to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 150,000.00₹ in Mumbai (assuming you rent in both cities).

Cost of Living Comparison Between Mumbai and Delhi.

City Cost of Living Index
Delhi 28.17
Mumbai 29.45
New York, NY 100
Prague 51.8

Which is the dirtiest city in the India?

List of Polluted Cities in India

SN City Year
1 Delhi 2010
2 Patna 2011
3 Gwalior 2012

Is Delhi bigger than Mumbai?

Mumbai is the largest city; Delhi NCR largest urban agglomeration. As per the preliminary results of the Census 2011, released by the Registrar General of India, Greater Mumbai with a population of 18,414,288 continues to be India’s biggest city, followed by Delhi—16,314,838 and Kolkata—14,112,536.

Is Bangalore better than Mumbai?

Bangalore offers 6.22% lower prices of consumer goods in comparison to Mumbai. … Prices of restaurants are lower in Bangalore by 21.74% as compared to Mumbai. Groceries are 3.04% cheaper in Bangalore as compared to Mumbai. Purchasing power (locally) is higher by 59.99% in Bangalore as compared to Mumbai.

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Is Mumbai more modern than Delhi?

Mumbai is a remarkable city. Larger and more modern than Delhi, it has a liberal, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most striking architecture anywhere in Asia. The port city sits on the coast of the Western state of Maharashtra, and is made up of 7 former islands.

Which is Better city Delhi or Mumbai Quora?

Definitely Delhi is a much better place because the pollution level in former is higher. Although Bombay have sea but people suffer a lot during monsoons . Both the cities have their own advantages, Delhi has the roads and Bombay has Marine Drive.

Why is Delhi growing so fast?

Rapid urbanization, in conjunction with the intensified challenges of environmental degradation, has placed pressure on infrastructure, housing availability and the spread of slums. Another major impact of rapid population increase is a change in the way that land is used.

How safe is Mumbai?

The Safe Cities Index 2021 report ranks 60 cities across 76 indicators, covering digital, health, infrastructure, personal and environmental security. Overall, Mumbai ranks 50 with a score of 54.4 out of 100. On the digital security front, the city ranks 53 with 45.4 points.