Your question: WHO convened the first All India National Conference?

Surendranath Banerjee and Anandamohan Bose were its main organisers. Two sessions of the conference were held in 1883 and 1885, and these sessions drew representatives from all major towns. The first Indian National Conference session was held in Kolkata at Albert Hall from 28 to 30 December 1883.

Who presided over the first All India National Conference in 1885?

After the party’s foundation in December 1885, Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee became its first president. From 1885 to 1933, the presidency had a term of one year only. From 1933 onwards, there was no such fixed term for the president.

Who inaugurated the Indian National Social Conference?

The Indian social conference was founded by M.G. Ranade and Raghunath Rao.

When did Indian National Congress convened?

On 28 December 1885, the Indian National Congress was founded at Gokuldas Tejpal Sanskrit College in Bombay, with 72 delegates in attendance. Hume assumed office as the General Secretary, and Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee of Calcutta was elected president.

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Where was Indian National Conference convened by Banrenjee?

The Indian National Conference was convened at Kolkata in 1883 by Surendranath Banerjee.

Who is known as Lion of South India?

Chakravarti Vijayaraghavachariar (18 June 1852 – 19 April 1944) was an Indian politician. … The legal battle and eventual victory in proving his innocence earned him the title The Lion of South India. He entered politics as a member of the Salem Municipal Council in 1882.

Who signed the Lucknow Pact?

The Lucknow Pact was an agreement reached between the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League (AIML) at a joint session of both the parties held in Lucknow in December 1916.

Who established Social Conference?

Indian (National) Social Conference was founded by M.G. Ranade and Raghunath Rao. It was virtually the social reform cell of the Indian National Congress. Its first session was held in Madras in December 1887.

Who was known as the father of Indian National Congress?

Allan Octavian Hume, C. B.: Father of the Indian National Congress (1829 to 1912) | INDIAN CULTURE.

Who founded Indian Association?

The association was founded in Bengal in 1876 by Surendranath Banerjea and Ananda Mohan Bose; it soon displaced the Indian League, which had been founded the year before, and rivaled the long-standing British Indian Association, which it regarded as a reactionary body of landlords and industrialists.

Who is the first prime minister of India?

Jawaharlal Nehru, was 58 when he started the long innings of 17 years as free India’s first Prime Minister.

Who was the first president of India?

The Constitution was framed by the Constituent Assembly of India, established by the members of the provincial assemblies elected by the people of India. Dr Sachidanand Sinha was the first president of the Constituent Assembly. Later, Dr Rajendra Prasad was elected its president.

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When was the first conference of INC happened?

The first Round Table Conference convened from 12 November 1930 to 19 January 1931. Prior to the Conference, M. K. Gandhi had initiated the Civil Disobedience Movement on behalf of the Indian National Congress.

Who has presided over the first session?

The first session of the Indian National Congress was held in December 1885 at Bombay under the presidentship of W.C. Bonnerjee and attended by 72 delegates from all parts of India.

Who founded Indian National Liberation Federation in 1919?

This led to a schism in the Congress with moderate leaders forming the “Indian National Liberal Federation” in 1919. The party (INLF) was founded by Surendra Nath Banarjea and some of its prominent leaders were Tej Bahadur Sapru, V. S. Srinivasa Sastri and M. R.